Tales from the rail: Kathy

Meet Kathy 

Kathy has been coming in for 10 years, and she's got nothing but love for Mykonos. "This lounge feels like family, the cheers of Bellingham where everyone knows everyone. Boardwalk to Baltic, many friends come here every night, good friends, many laughs, know who’s walking through the door. I’ve always felt very comfortable coming in alone, as a single woman - which is important. I’ve always felt very welcome - they spoil me."

What's her favorite dish?

"My favorite dish on the menu has to be the artichoke chicken" she says. "Fresh ingredients, you can tell it’s home made. The cream sauce is phenomenal - very tasty. I always tell my friends and people I reccomend the place to that it's 'definitely worth the drive.'"

What's she drinking these days?

"Lately I've been drinking shock top, and once in a while I drink some red wine"

Which staff member deserves a shout out from you?

"That’s tough, because I love them all. They’re all great - Logan is the best server they’ve had in a long time! Everyone that works here is special in their own way, I love the staff here right now. All the customers love them." 

"Kalliopi and Lilly are my girls, like my adopted daughters!"

Final thoughts?

It's always fun to come in, the food is consistent. The Thursday night steak night is always good, as well as the lasagne on Monday - I’ve never had a bad meal in here, ever. 


Mykonos Staff