For many immigrants to the US, hard work is the name of the game. Jim (Dimetrious) Pantoleon came to North America from his home in Tripoli when he was just nineteen years old. Settling first in Toronto, then moving to Washington State. Jim started at the bottom rung of the restaurant industry as a dishwasher, and moved his way up. 

Working two jobs and putting in up to 20 hours per day, Jim was able to not only move his family to the states, but to open his own restaurant at the age of 23. He started with Italian fare, and opened Conto's Pizza in Ferndale, which was later called Dimitri’s Greek and Italian Restaurant, Syros Greek & Italian Restaurant in Lynden, and eventually built the structure which houses Mykonos Restaurant and Lounge. 

If you're from Whatcom County, it's likely you've enjoyed the morsels that come out of the Pantoleon's various kitchens. Mykonos is in many ways his magnum opus, the culmination of a life spent in the kitchen where critics - the paying customer - decide your fate. If everything works out, the ambiance is right, the portions perfect, the flavors and textures diverse and interesting enough to keep people coming back for more, you'll make it. 

Jim strives for perfection, and has the goal of always providing his guests the best food possible. It show's in his record of success - the restaurants that dot the county to this day as monuments to what he does -it's a family tradition that he's passed on to his children, and one that we hope you'll enjoy.